Top 10 Best Oh My ZSH Themes for Developers

Oh My ZSH themes have gained popularity over the years by being the most preferred terminal theme among developers.

Top 10 Best Oh My ZSH Themes for Developers

Oh My ZSH themes have gained popularity over the years by being the developer's most preferred terminal theme. Oh My ZSH theme's main takeaway points amongst developers are elegance and beautiful terminal design.
Oh My ZSH themes are built on top of the ZSH shell. To use them you need a ZSH shell installed.

Getting started with ZSH and Oh My ZSH Theme
ZSH used together with Oh My ZSH themes improves your workflow, moral and avoid straining over the terminal.
Before we get started it should be noted that these were my favorite themes that I found fascinating while coding, you may agree or disagree with me.
I prefer themes that are clear and precise while I was selecting the top themes I ensured that commands were typed on a new line.

1. steeef

Steeef is an elegant and simple theme by design. Its layout does not get disrupted as you use the terminal. You can use it for YouTube tutorials due to how clean the theme is or for demonstrating commands over a congregation or friends. The steeef ZSH theme displays the current working git branch in brackets appended to the current folder you are in. It is a truly beautiful theme and I have loved using it over the years.


2. fino-time

Fino-time is one of those themes that are somewhat flashy but more enjoyable to use with time. At first glance, it looked way too much. However, as I continued to use it I got to appreciate it more. The fino-time ZSH theme displays time and the current branch you are on is appended next to where the folder you are on is displayed.


3. Bira

Bira is somewhat like fino-time however more compact and less wordy. It also uses the dollar sign "$" at the end instead of a "". Bira does not keep track of time and date however it has a similar look with fino-time.


4. refined

Refined is one of the most minimalistic themes of Oh My ZSH themes. It tries to occupy less space and does not display time. However, it does display the branch you are working on. If you are into minimalistic themes for ZSH shell, refined is one of the most minimalistic theme for ZSH shell you will ever find.


5. dst

dst is more similar to the steeef theme. However, the dst theme displays the time on the right. dst theme is less wordy compared to the steeef theme. Instead of using words like steeef ZSH theme, dst ZSH theme uses special characters.


6. bureau

Bureau is a combination of the dst and refined theme. The theme is very simplistic and does display time on the right. It uses ">" and "$" together on a new line as a terminal opener. Bureau is not as minimal as refined but it qualifies as a minimal oh my ZSH theme.


7. Josh

Josh uses the ⚡symbol as a terminal opener. It borrows its design from steeef theme. Josh is one of the Oh My ZSH themes I found lovable trying out. It was clean and less distracting. The time and the branch you are on are displayed on the right.

Josh two

8. gnzh

The gnzh ZSH theme is similar to the bira ZSH theme. However, the gnzh theme uses an arrow '➤' instead of a dollar sign '$". It however does not display the time on the right.

9. kardan

Kardan is a mixture of the steeef ZSH theme and refined ZSH theme. It is a simple theme yet complex. It does display time and other details on the right.

10. linuxonly

The linuxonly theme is more informative about your Linux. It looks a bit geekier and is loaded with geeky stuff.


11. Soliah

The Soliah Oh My ZSH theme is like Steeef, however, it has one more extra future. It displays the time of the last commit when working on a folder with git.

Soliah Ohmyzsh theme


Above are some of the best Oh My ZSH themes I have ever come across. As a developer, I feel these themes are less distracting. Feel free to comment out an Oh My ZSH theme you find lovable and suggest a theme you feel should be on the list.

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